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Solution to Infocom's Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Game

The Quick-n-Nasty Solution to the Infocom Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Game by Douglas Adams. Written by Evan Fox. Copyright 1994.

No clues, just the straight out solution. BE WARNED! Read carefully, as a last resort, as this is 100% spoilers!


Turn on light. Get up. Get Gown. Wear gown. Open pocket. Swallow analgesic. (10 points) Get all. Exit. Get Mail. South. Lie down in mud. Wait until Prosser lies in mud. Follow Ford (s). Follow Ford (w) to pub.


Drink beer. (5 points - 15 total) Buy sandwich. Drink beer. (5 points - 20) Drink beer. (5 Points - 25) Exit when house crashes. Give sandwich to dog. North. Kill Prosser (why not?). Wait until Ford drops device - Get Device. Press green button.


Wait four times. Smell. Look at shadow. (8 points - 33) Eat peanuts. Get water. Get towel. Look at dispenser. Remove gown. Put gown on hook. Put towel on drain. Get satchel. Put satchel over panel. Put mail on satchel. Press dispenser button. (12 points - 45) Get all except satchel. Press switch. REMEMBER CLUE. Wait until guards come.


When poetry starts - Enjoy poetry. (15 points -60)Wait till finished, remembering CLUE word. Back in hold - Type "" on keyboard. Get plotter. (25 points - 85) Wait until you are put in airlock. Press green (or wait).


Wait four times. Listen. Aft. Get sales brochure. After they all enter the sauna you are free to explore. Drop any tools, etc in the one place to keep a light load. Keep the towel and gown. You should be trying to find the spare drive. This is in the Engine room at the aft of the corridor. Keep persisting to get in. (25 points -110) Take drive and tools to bridge. Drop them. Go to Galley. Press pad. Get Substitute and gun. Go to Bridge. Put dangly in Substitute. Connect small plug to plotter. Press switch...ZAP!

At this point you may find yourself in any of these scenarios or as these characters:


Wait four times. Feel. Taste liquid. Look at Dent. Drop wine. Get fluff. Open handbag. Put fluff in handbag. Get wine. Phil will whisk you away soon. (25 points)


After each time you will find yourself here again. Wait four times. Listen. Aft. Aft. Up. Drop any tools or paraphenalia. Keep your towel! Press switch...ZAP! again. Sometimes you will find yourself in a completed area. As long as you don't materialise in your own brain that's okay.


Wait four times. Smell. Look at shadow. Say "Arthur Dent". East. Get stones. Put towel over head. Carve "Arthur Dent" on memorial. Remove towel. West. Southwest. Get interface. (25 points)


Listen. Get awl. Wait or do whatever until you are in Maze. Go any direction till you find particle. Look at particle. Get particle. (25 points)


Wait four times. Look at nothing. Look at light. Look under seat. Unlock toolbox. Put all in toolbox. Get toolbox. Steer toward spire. Get out of seat. When the autopilot kicks in - Go north. Wait until Trillian arrives. Guards, drop rifles. Trillian, shoot rifles. East. (25 points) (You will find the toolbox in the Hatchway of the Heart of Gold)


Wait four times. Look at nothing. Look at light. North. Open satchel. Give towel to Dent. Go to Prosser. Prosser, lie in mud. South. West. Buy beer. Buy peanuts. Drink beer (15 points). Drink beer. East. North. Give fluff to Dent. Kill Prosser (Why not?). Get device. Wait.


Now you have completed those segments you need to get the tea. Your score should be 225. Go to the Nutrimat. Look at Nutrimat. Open panel. Get board. Break board (Why not?). Insert interface in Nutrimat. Press pad. Wait until emergency. Exit. Up. Connect long cord to large receptacle. Press switch.

You have now created the whale and flowerpot. (Ask guide about fluff for info) Go to the galley and get tea. Get toolbox. Return bridge. Collect the four fluffs from the toolbox, handbag and gown. Drop all except gown, fluffs, towel (?) and tea (or you will lose it). Remove dangly from substitute. Put dangly in tea. * Press switch. * (Okay, I spent ages trying to work out how to get here, but it seems somewhat random. So try, try again. Maybe you need to drop the tea - I dunno. There seems to be a set of variable that need to be fulfilled first. Possibly if you end up in the hold, you are on the right track, just need to try again. Otherwise try putting fluff in pocket)


Wait ONCE. Feel. Taste liquid. Put all fluff in pot. Get pot. Put pot in thing. Drop thing. Wait until SPLAT!

Back on ship - The usual... find the thing, then Look at pot. Enter sauna. (25 Points -250) Get fruit. Eat fruit. REMEMBER TOOL.

Now to open the hatch. Get tea and no tea. Go to screening door. Open door. Drink tea (100 points - 350). Port (25 points - 375). Marvin, open hatch. Drop all except TOOL. Wait for Marvin in access space. Give TOOL to Marvin (25 points - 400. The maximum!) Exit. Down.

Congratulations, you have now finished! Now you can wait for the sequel... (Don't hold your breath!)

Copyright 1994 Evan Fox, Any updates or alterations please mail me :)