Red King

Rowing Stroke - 9 Point Guide

  1. Use the momentum of the previous stroke to set yourself up for the next.
  2. Sit still at the finish until your arms are comfortably straight and then be drawn over BY THE HANDLE.
  3. Allow the boat to slide under you.
  4. Time the entry with your seat. i.e. When your seat has compressed your legs fully is when the spoon should be entering the water. In order for this to happen you must start the entry 'process' before you arrive so that as you arrive you are entering the water.
  5. Grip the water with your stomach. Keep your shoulders and arms loose and relaxed.
  6. Move through the front with your feet and push away with the legs. Hold the shoulders and back in the catch position. NEVER PULL.
  7. The legs initiate the drive with the back opening approximately half way to hold the suspension and maintain the power curve.
  8. The arms come through last as a result of the momentum generated by the legs and back.
  9. Tap down a small amount so that the handle continues into the recovery under the momentum of the last stroke.